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Mask 3-ply - Disposable 3 ply face Masks - Unique

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Mask 3-ply

The mask has become mandatory everywhere in the world, especially in enclosed areas, and this accessory has become an essential part of everyday life, which is why the brand Mask offers its disposable protective mask in three different sizes. This mask provides filtering and respiratory protection, shielding you from viruses, microbes, and dust. Furthermore, this product was designed to be soft against the skin and allow you to breathe freely. Its mode of maintenance on the face is simple, and it is easily attached thanks to straps. This 3-ply model comes in blue and is sold in boxes of 50 pieces. To be effective, it is recommended that you change your mask every 04 hours. For more precaution, remember to disinfect your hands after any contact with a used mask.

Reference: 3-ply
Colours: Blue
Sizes: Regular

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